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Little's Critter & Industrial Services is here to serve both homeowners and nature alike. We provide a safe (and legal) alternative to extermination. We believe that people can live peacefully with our natural neighbors - so long as they stay outside of the house! If you're struggling with the noise, smell and damage produced by invasive plant life, squirrels, opossums, skunks, honey bees, bats or even wild hogs, we're the ones to call for humane relocation services.
Bee Removal

Our Process

When you call Little's Critter & Industrial Services, the first thing we do is schedule a trip to your property to thoroughly assess your situation. Understanding the nature of your infestation include pinpointing entry points, the extent of damage and finally coming up with a safe plan for removal. 

Once we've determined the best course of action, our bonded professionals will leverage their considerable experience to relocate your unwanted house guests to a location where they can thrive - other than your property! Next, we take steps to prevent future infestations. Finally, we sanitize the infestation site with effective, but safe, chemicals and leave it better than we found it.

Why it Makes a Difference

Many invasive species actually play a crucial role in the local ecosystem, even if they do bug local homeowners. Take honeybees, for example. While they may be tiny, they are responsible for pollinating 80% of flowering crops in the US. That works out to nearly 1/3 of the food we eat! 

Because nobody does their job better than they do, it's far more beneficial to have them relocated than exterminated. Along with bats and other species, the honeybee has been listed on the endangered species list. This means that relocation is not only preferable, but it is the ONLY legal option as well.

Industrial Cleanup

Because pests are usually not very tidy in their living habits, we are experts at site cleanup. That expertise extends to industrial cleanup and remediation as well. If you're looking for help removing hazardous or unsanitary material from your business, give Little's a call today!
Safeguard the environment while ridding your home of invasive nuisances - call Little's at (903) 277-2697 now!
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